I'm a Media Design Student based in Graz...
Focusing on Conception, SETDESIGN, Postproduction, Photography & Retouching.

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Bachelor Thesis

Traditionals, Baby Bomber, Generations X, Y, Z, and Generation Alpha. This bachelor thesis examines the development of the current living and above mentioned generations: Over the course of 100 years, the behavior has changed radically in terms of social policy, technology and media consumption. These changes and differences were compared and contrasted. To prove the variety of media behaviour as well as the general attitude towards life, the author decided to conduct interviews with participants of all age groups. The work, a magazine titled „Too Young to Know About Forever - 100 Years of Change“, deals with the „zeitgeist“ of the different generations, picks up on typical characteristics of their youth and interprets them in several photo series. The pictures are inspired by the respective epochs and interpreted in a modern way. The magazine is a combination of the most important issues and photographic works that are intended to illustrate each generation. The result, a picture book, gives an overview of the attitude towards life and clarifies the differences. Design and implementation, as well as the most important approaches, are explained in the theoretical part of the work.

Too Young to Know About Forever


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